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Выпуск 6.1
TITLE="Руководство администратора по PostgreSQL"
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TITLE="Замечания по выпускам"
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TITLE="Выпуск 6.1.1"
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TITLE="Выпуск v6.0"

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>Руководство администратора по PostgreSQL
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>Глава 15. Замечания по выпускам
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> NAME="AEN2163"
>Выпуск 6.1
> > The regression tests have been adapted and extensively modified for the
v6.1 release of CLASS="PRODUCTNAME"
> > Three new data types (datetime, timespan, and circle) have been added to
the native set of CLASS="PRODUCTNAME"
> types. Points, boxes, paths, and polygons
have had their output formats made consistant across the data types.
The polygon output in misc.out has only been spot-checked for correctness
relative to the original regression output.
> v6.1 introduces a new, alternate
optimizer which uses CLASS="FIRSTTERM"
algorithms. These algorithms introduce a random behavior in the ordering
of query results when the query contains multiple qualifiers or multiple
tables (giving the optimizer a choice on order of evaluation). Several
regression tests have been modified to explicitly order the results, and
hence are insensitive to optimizer choices. A few regression tests are
for data types which are inherently unordered (e.g. points and time
intervals) and tests involving those types are explicitly bracketed with
>set geqo to 'off'
>reset geqo
> > The interpretation of array specifiers (the curly braces around atomic
values) appears to have changed sometime after the original regression
tests were generated. The current CLASS="FILENAME"
> files reflect this
new interpretation, which may not be correct!
> > The float8 regression test fails on at least some platforms. This is due
to differences in implementations of pow() and exp() and the signaling
mechanisms used for overflow and underflow conditions.
> > The "random" results in the random test should cause the "random" test
to be "failed", since the regression tests are evaluated using a simple
diff. However, "random" does not seem to produce random results on my
test machine (Linux/gcc/i686).
> NAME="AEN2178"
>Migration to v6.1
> >This migration requires a complete dump of the 6.0 database and a
restore of the database in 6.1.
> >Those migrating from earlier 1.* releases should first upgrade to 1.09
because the COPY output format was improved from the 1.02 release.
> NAME="AEN2182"
>Подробный список изменений
>Bug Fixes
packet length checking in library routines
lock manager priority patch
check for under/over flow of float8(Bruce)
multi-table join fix(Vadim)
SIGPIPE crash fix(Darren)
large object fixes(Sven)
allow btree indexes to handle NULLs(Vadim)
timezone fixes(D'Arcy)
select SUM(x) can return NULL on no rows(Thomas)
internal optimizer, executor bug fixes(Vadim)
fix problem where inner loop in < or <= has no rows(Vadim)
prevent re-commuting join index clauses(Vadim)
fix join clauses for multiple tables(Vadim)
fix hash, hashjoin for arrays(Vadim)
fix btree for abstime type(Vadim)
large object fixes(Raymond)
fix buffer leak in hash indices (Vadim)
fix rtree for use in inner scan (Vadim)
fix gist for use in inner scan, cleanups (Vadim, Andrea)
avoid unnecessary local buffers allocation (Vadim, Massimo)
fix local buffers leak in transaction aborts (Vadim)
fix file manager memmory leaks, cleanups (Vadim, Massimo)
fix storage manager memmory leaks (Vadim)
fix btree duplicates handling (Vadim)
fix deleted tuples re-incarnation caused by vacuum (Vadim)
fix SELECT varchar()/char() INTO TABLE made zero-length fields(Bruce)
many psql, pg_dump, and libpq memory leaks fixed using Purify (Igor)

attribute optimization statistics(Bruce)
much faster new btree bulk load code(Paul)
BTREE UNIQUE added to bulk load code(Vadim)
new lock debug code(Massimo)
massive changes to libpg++(Leo)
new GEQO optimizer speeds table multi-table optimization(Martin)
new WARN message for non-unique insert into unique key(Marc)
update x=-3, no spaces, now valid(Bruce)
remove case-sensitive identifier handling(Bruce,Thomas,Dan)
debug backend now pretty-prints tree(Darren)
new Oracle character functions(Edmund)
new plaintext password functions(Dan)
no such class or insufficient privilege changed to distinct messages(Dan)
new ANSI timestamp function(Dan)
new ANSI Time and Date types (Thomas)
move large chunks of data in backend(Martin)
multi-column btree indexes(Vadim)
new SET var TO value command(Martin)
update transaction status on reads(Dan)
new locale settings for character types(Oleg)
new SEQUENCE serial number generator(Vadim)
GROUP BY function now possible(Vadim)
re-organize regression test(Thomas,Marc)
new optimizer operation weights(Vadim)
new psql z grant/permit option(Marc)
new MONEY data type(D'Arcy,Thomas)
tcp socket communication speed improved(Vadim)
new VACUUM option for attribute statistics, and for certain columns (Vadim)
many geometric type improvements(Thomas,Keith)
additional regression tests(Thomas)
new datestyle variable(Thomas,Vadim,Martin)
more comparison operators for sorting types(Thomas)
new conversion functions(Thomas)
new more compact btree format(Vadim)
allow pg_dumpall to preserve database ownership(Bruce)
new SET GEQO=# and R_PLANS variable(Vadim)
old (!GEQO) optimizer can use right-sided plans (Vadim)
typechecking improvement in SQL parser(Bruce)
new SET, SHOW, RESET commands(Thomas,Vadim)
new connect database USER option
new destroydb -i option (Igor)
new dt and di psql commands (Darren)
SELECT "n" now escapes newline (A. Duursma)
new geometry conversion functions from old format (Thomas)

Source tree changes
new configuration script(Marc)
readline configuration option added(Marc)
OS-specific configuration options removed(Marc)
new OS-specific template files(Marc)
no more need to edit Makefile.global(Marc)
re-arrange include files(Marc)
nextstep patches (Gregor Hoffleit)
removed WIN32-specific code(Bruce)
removed postmaster -e option, now only postgres -e option (Bruce)
merge duplicate library code in front/backends(Martin)
now works with eBones, international Kerberos(Jun)
more shared library support
c++ include file cleanup(Bruce)
warn about buggy flex(Bruce)
DG-UX, Ultrix, Irix, AIX portability fixes
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> HREF="671.html"
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> HREF="5873.html"
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>Выпуск 6.1.1
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>В начало главы
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>Выпуск v6.0
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