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B Contributed programs

Many users of MySQL have contributed very useful support tools and addons.

A list of what is available at http://www.mysql.com/Contrib (or any mirror) is shown below. If you want to build MySQL support for the Perl DBI/DBD interface, you should fetch the Data-Dumper, DBI, and Msql-Mysql-modules files and install them. See section 4.10 Perl installation comments.

00-README This listing.

B.1 API's

B.2 Clients

B.3 Web tools

B.4 Authentication tools

B.5 Converters

  • dbf2mysql-1.13.tgz Convert between `.dbf' files and MySQL tables. By Maarten Boekhold, boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl, and Michael Widenius. This converter can't handle MEMO fields.
  • dbf2mysql.zip Convert between FoxPro `.dbf' files and MySQL tables on Win32. By Alexander Eltsyn, ae@nica.ru or ae@usa.net.
  • dump2h-1.20.gz Convert from mysqldump output to a C header file. By Harry Brueckner,
  • exportsql.txt A script that is similar to access_to_mysql.txt, except that this one is fully configurable, has better type conversion (including detection of TIMESTAMP fields), provides warnings and suggestions while converting, quotes all special characters in text and binary data, and so on. It will also convert to mSQL v1 and v2, and is free of charge for anyone. See http://www.cynergi.net/prod/exportsql/ for latest version. By Pedro Freire, support@cynergi.net. Note: Doesn't work with Access2!
  • access_to_mysql.txt Paste this function into an Access module of a database which has the tables you want to export. See also exportsql. By Brian Andrews. Note: Doesn't work with Access2!
  • importsql.txt A script that does the exact reverse of exportsql.txt. That is, it imports data from MySQL into an Access database via ODBC. This is very handy when combined with exportSQL, since it lets you use Access for all DB design and administration, and synchronize with your actual MySQL server either way. Free of charge. See http://www.netdive.com/freebies/importsql/ for any updates. Created by Laurent Bossavit of NetDIVE. Note: Doesn't work with Access2!
  • /msql2mysqlWrapper 1.0 A C wrapper from mSQL to MySQL. By alfred@sb.net
  • sqlconv.pl A simple script that can be used to copy fields from one MySQL table to another in bulk. Basically, you can run mysqldump and pipe it to the sqlconv.pl script and the script will parse through the mysqldump output and will rearrange the fields so they can be inserted into a new table. An example is when you want to create a new table for a different site you are working on, but the table is just a bit different (ie - fields in different order, etc.). By Steve Shreeve.

B.6 Using MySQL with other products

B.7 Useful tools

B.8 RPMs for common tools (Most are for RedHat 6.1)

B.9 Useful functions

  • mysnprintf.c sprintf() function for SQL queries that can escape blobs. By Chunhua Liu.

B.10 Uncategorized

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